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The National Statistics Bureau is pleased to announce the following vacancy announcement:

  1. Position Title & Level – Statistical Investigator V, S5 A
  2. No. of Slots – 1
  3. Minimum required qualification – Class XII with 3 months IT and minimum of 50% in Mathematics
  4. Agency/Place of Posting – Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag
  5. Contract Term – 2 years

Interested candidates may submit their application on or before 19 February, 2022 with the following documents at this link

  1. Employment Application Form (available on NSB/RCSC website)
  2. Copy of academic transcripts
  3. Copy of CID
  4. Valid Security Clearance Certificate
  5. Valid Medical Certificate
  6. No Objection Certificate, if employed.

For any clarification please contact the HRO, NSB at 17666888 during working hours or email at