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Welcome to the official website of the National Statistics Bureau (NSB), the central authority for collection and release of any official data, and their custodian! The need for accurate, timely, and reliable statistics on various facets of our national life has been on the increase in recent times. 

In responding to this growing demand for quality statistics, NSB is making every effort to strengthen the institutions and mechanisms to collect, compile, and disseminate statistics through improved governance, innovations, and technology. Among other strategies, the improved website is one of the means to achieve our vision – “to provide high-quality statistical products and services to support the social and economic development of the country”.  

Since the ultimate purpose of data is to enable us to assess the past, understand the present as well as anticipate and prepare for the future, it is, therefore, our expectation that data obtained from NSB website will inform public policy, promote accountability and good governance while facilitating the implementation of development interventions across Bhutan. 

Although the website and data portal will appeal to a broad cross-section of the public, it would be of immeasurable benefit particularly to policymakers, researchers, and students who are interested in making sense of trends in major socio-economic indicators in Bhutan, and to assess the progress we are making particularly towards Gross National Happiness. I wish to express our sincere gratitude to our partners, stakeholders, and respondents in the public and private sectors who have supported NSB in data production activities over the years.

We look forward to more exciting collaboration to increase the quantity and quality of our data releases in the future. I would also like, in a most special way, to appreciate the dedication and commitment of the management and staff of NSB at the HQ, and the Statistical Officers in the Agencies and Dzongkhags. 

It is my sincere hope that the contents of these pages will satisfactorily meet the needs of all categories of data users, be it policymakers, researchers, analysts, students, and members of the public.