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Year-on-year CPI increased by 4.32 percent in January 2024 compared to last year. The food
index increased by 5.83 percent and the non-food index increased by 3.06 percent. Except for the
transport and communication major divisions, there has been an increase in the indices for all
major divisions. The index for transport decreased by 1.69 percent and that of communication
decreased by 7.59 percent. The index for food and non-alcoholic beverages increased by 6.05
percent and that for alcoholic beverages and betel nuts increased by 2.90 percent.

Month-on-month CPI in January 2024 decreased by 0.08 percent from December 2023. The CPI
of food increased by 0.3 percent and that of non-food decreased by 0.4 percent. Over the month,
the index of transport decreased by 0.52 percent. Food and non-alcoholic beverages index
increased by 0.29 percent from December and alcoholic beverages and betel nuts increased by
0.45 percent. There has been a decrease in the indices of furnishings, household equipment and
routine household maintenance, transport, communication, recreation and culture, and
restaurants and hotels.

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