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The price of consumer goods and services increased 6.05 percent in September 2022 compared to the same month last year. Rate of increase dropped for food with 4.24 percent while non-food recorded higher increase with 7.61 percent compared to August month. Transport was the main driver with 14.92 percent increase, contributing 37 percent of the overall inflation followed by food & alcoholic beverages recording 4.42 percent increase and contributing 33 percent of the overall inflation. Clothing and footwear recorded the second highest increase among the 12 major divisions with 8.24 percent, contributing to 12 percent of the overall. 

Month-on-month CPI rose 0.32 percent in September from August due to non-food prices which increased by 0.90 percent while food prices decreased by 0.36 percent from previous month. Increase in non-food was mainly due to transport which rose 3.81 percent contributed by increase in price of vehicles. Decrease in food was due to drop in price of vegetables, fruits and egg.  

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