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Annual inflation rate rose 5.15 percent

  • Main contributors
    • Food and non-alcoholic beverages rose 3.52 percent, contributed by increase in price of oils & fats by 20.20 percent and Cereals & bread by 6.77 percent.
    • Transport rose 7.62 percent, mainly due to increase in fuel prices (petrol and diesel) by around 33 percent.
  • Highest increase
  • Alcoholic beverages and betel nuts by 16.96 percent due to increase in betel nuts by 26.74 percent.
  • Communications dropped by 10.92 percent in the past one year, due to reduction in call and data charges.

Monthly inflation rate increased by 1.09 percent

  • Non-Food prices recorded higher increase of 1.63 percent compared to food prices which went up by 0.46 percent only. Clothing and Transport items were the main contributors to non-food with 2.59 percent and 1.95 percent increase respectively.
  • Most other groups recorded an increase over the past one month except for communication and betel nuts & leaves which decreased by 0.29 percent and 0.02 percent respectively.