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National Statistics Bureau (NSB) is pleased to release the first report on Export and Import Price Index (XMPI) for Bhutan. XMPI is a measure of average change over time in the prices of goods and services that are exported/ imported.

The year-on-year import prices of goods declined by 3.97 percent in fourth quarter 2019 compared with the same quarter of the previous year. The drop in overall import price was mainly due to decrease in prices of metals and metal articles by 21.33 percent. Ferrous product within the metals and metal articles was the main contributor for the decrease. Except for food and beverages; and wood, pulp and paper, all other categories recorded drop in prices ranging from 2.38 to 6.18 percent.

The quarter-on-quarter import prices went up by 0.68 percent from third quarter of 2019. Except for the metals and metals articles, all other sections recorded an increase in prices from the previous quarter. Wood, pulp and paper; and transport equipment increased by more than 5 percent while food and beverages went up by 2.99 percent. Prices of the remaining section went up by less than a percent.