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The year-on-year (YoY) inflation rate (as measured by PPI) for April, May and June as compared to the same months of the previous year is recorded at 1.58%, 1.80% and 1.59% respectively. On average this is a increase of 1.66% from the second quarter of the previous year (i.e. 2019).

The inflation was mainly due to increase in Manufacturing sector by 3.72%, 4.24% and 3.76% in April, May and June respectively. Within the manufacturing sector, increase in price of basic metals was the main contributor which led to the overall increase. Transport sector increased by 2.93% on an average due to the increase in exchange rate and increase in the RSTA bus fare. The Mining/Quarrying sector recorded a consistent increase of 0.54% in all three months. The Information & Communication sector has decreased by 8.26% on an average. While prices remained same for Logging, electricity & gas, and Water supply.

The month-to-month prices decreased in April by 0.59%, increased in May by 0.18% and again went down by 0.98% in June. On an average, it decreased by 0.46% in second quarter due to decrease in price of manufacturing sector by 0.72%. The Transport sector showed a slight increase by 0.17% on an average. While the Information & communication sector prices decreased by 8.26% in April and there was no change in following months (May and June). Prices remained same for Mining/Quarrying, Logging, Electricity and water supply in all the three months.