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The Bhutan Interactive Data Portal provides public access to more than 1,000 statistical indicators on Bhutan’s economy and people.


The data are organized under eight different themes: population, welfare, social conditions, economy and industries, energy and environment, infrastructure and transport, agriculture, and the digital economy.

Interactive maps and graphs shown in the thematic dashboards allow the user to easily visualize and compare indicators over time or between different districts. Users can also avail themselves of the Dual Map view to select two different district-level indicators and display two visualizations side-by-side for quick and easy comparison. All indicators that are used to create the dashboards can be directly downloaded from this portal. In the case of microdata, users can also request access to the original data sets. A list of resources, including a glossary of indicators, is available on the website to help guide users.

This data portal has been established to widely disseminate data and indicators that can help build knowledge, promote a data-driven culture, and support evidence-based policymaking. The portal is owned by the National Bureau of Statistics and was created in partnership with the World Bank.

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About this data portal

The Bhutan Interactive Data Portal is owned by the National Statistics Bureau and was produced in partnership with the World Bank Poverty and Equity Global Practice. Financial support was provided by the Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building III (TFSCB-III) which is supported by the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland, and the governments of Canada and Korea.

How to use the data portal

Detailed instructions can be found here

Glossary of Indicators

The glossary of indicators includes a list of all indicators, all data sources, and definitions where needed.

Data Sources

The indicators shown in this data portal are either taken from official publications from various ministries and agencies or produced using microdata that was collected by the National Bureau of Statistics. Please refer to the glossary of indicators for details on the data sources. Users can request access to original microdata sources here


Who can use the data portal?
The data portal is open to anyone interested in learning more about Bhutan’s economy and people.

What can the data portal be used for?
The data portal can be used for a variety of purposes to gain insights into the Bhutanese economy and population, and more generally to promote a data-driven culture to understand community issues and make informed decisions.

How often will the data portal be updated with new indicators?
The National Bureau of Statistics plans to conduct regular updates when new data become available. This is to ensure that the data portal reflects the latest data on Bhutan.

How can I download the indicators?
The indicators displayed in dashboards can be downloaded directly from the respective dashboards. For details, please refer to the brochure under the resource section “How to use the data portal.”

How can I get access to the original data files?
The original data sources are listed in the glossary of indicators. These include a number of publications provided by the National Statistics Bureau and other ministries and agencies of the Royal Government of Bhutan that can all be publicly accessed. Microdata files for the Bhutan Living Standards Survey, the Labour Force Survey, and the Population and Housing Census of Bhutan can be requested here.

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