xls Table 5.1 Agriculture Land Holdings by Type.xls
xls Table 5.10 Major Spices _ Oilseeds production.xls
xls Table 5.2 Agriculture Infrastructures and Other Facilities.xls
xls Table 5.3 Cultivated Area, Production and Yield of Major Crops.xls
xls Table 5.4 Name of Farmers’ Group, Associations and Cooperatives Registered with DAMC.xls
xls Table 5.5 Farmers' Training Provided by RNR Sectors and DAMC.xls
xls Table 5.6 Cereal Crops Cultivated Area _ Production.xls
xls Table 5.7 Livestock Population by Types.xls
xls Table 5.8 Livestock Productions.xls
xls Table 5.9 Number of Major Fruits and Nuts production.xls