xls Table 2.1 Type of Health Facilities.xls
xls Table 2.10 Nutritional and Vitamin supplements status of Children.xls
xls Table 2.11 Number of Surgeries.xls
xls Table 2.12 Number of Family Planning Users by Methods.xls
xls Table 2.2 Health Personnel by type.xls
xls Table 2.3 Summary of Health Indicators.xls
xls Table 2.4 Total Number of Live Births _ Deaths.xls
xls Table 2.5 Sanitation Facility Coverage by type.xls
xls Table 2.6 Top Ten Morbidity.xls
xls Table 2.7 Top Ten Inpatient Hospital Mortality.xls
xls Table 2.8 Immunization Status.xls
xls Table 2.9 Details of Maternal _ Child Health Care Activities.xls