National Statistics Bureau-Data Archiving System

The NSBDAS – National Statistics Bureau Data Archiving System is a web-based survey cataloging system powered by the National Data Archive (NADA) application developed by the International Household Survey Network (IHSN). This system serves as a portal for researchers to browse, search, apply for access, and download relevant census or survey data and metadata.

Metadata are the foundations on which all statistical systems are built. It is essential that statisticians and users have access to an extensive, reliable and regularly updated source of information on these elements. The NSBDAS system, therefore, was developed for this purpose that is is to serve as a tool for informing statisticians and users about the existence and characteristics of survey, census or other microdata sets, and for sharing metadata and (optional) disseminating microdata files. It will provide users with detailed and searchable documentation of the NSBDAS microdata sets, along with information on policies and procedures in place for their access and use.

The data set currently available in the NSBDAS are PHCB 2005,BMIS 2010,CPI 2010, BLSS 2007(NSB) ,HFS 2009(MoH),LFS 2010(MoLHR) and Census of Agricultural(MoAF) . The NSBDAS will continue to populate this website with additional datasets as when possible. The data archiving activities started by IHSN under the Accelerated Data Program will be a continuing commitment for the NSBDAS. These activities will ensure that all collected microdata will be fully documented as well as properly preserved. It will also ensure that the research potential of the datasets will be fully exploited.


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