Pictorial representation of data has always been considered a powerful tool for the dissemination of data. Representation of statistical data using GIS technology can be considered as an even more powerful tool than any other pictorial representation for the reason that the data presented is linked to the geographical location.

The National Statistics Bureau mandated with the dissemination of data initiated to build a map portal with funds from the World Bank to graphically represent data on using maps. The Bhutan Map Portal was designed looking towards to fulfill a visual information dissemination platform which has become very crucial for Planners and for International reference for development activities.

The Bhutan Map Portal made tensive use of the Infrastructure Mapping of Bhutan 2008. The end product is designed using GIS Technology and is a central statistical database storing Socio-economic and demographic indicators using maps to make it more user friendly. The Portal contains as of now of data pertaining mainly on poverty output on Small Area Estimation and Infrastructure mapping as a beginning. We would be in-corpora ting other available data in future and will be updated continuously on emerging demands as and when new data are available.